Maldives,Maldives tourist places, Maldives resort ,Maldives tour packages details

Maldives,Maldives tourist places, Maldives resort ,Maldives tour packages details

Maldives,Maldives tourist places, Maldives resort ,Maldives tour packages details 2019

Do you know somthing about maldives and it,s beautyfull resort and places so today we are going to share with you about Maldives,”Maldives resort” places, Maldives resort ,Maldives tour packages ,best time to visit and best things do and more details in this article so read this article till end to get all details


According to wiki the Maldives  is a small country in South Asia, located in the Arabian Sea of the Indian Ocean. It lies southwest of Sri Lanka and India, and  Malé is the capital and the most populated city, traditionally called the “King’s Island” for its central location.

The maldives has some of the very natural & beautyfull tourist places and under water resort and hotels and everyone loves to visit maldives lots of things to do and ijnoy more for great expreance of travel .And maybe you know that the maldives is fomus for couple traveling But now what about visitng maldives in 2019 ,Things to do in maldives with family and lots of things to do and injoy graet travel expriance like snorkiling ,diving ,whale fish watching ,romantic dinner ,scuba diving ,extremly beautyfull islands ,local vellages ,couple traveling for romantic honymoon ,cool beachs for fun

Best time to visit maldives ?

maldives images form hikertrip

Best time to visit Maldives  there isn,t any fixed time to visit maldives as you know maldives is totaly beach destination and you can visit any time when you want , Maaldives has a perfect weather which is suitable for you trip to maldives , but the best time to visit Maldives is between November and April,

What are the best places to visit in maldives ?

images of places to visit in maldives

what are the best places to visit in maldives ? now this question that you have to ask me but here is the list of all beautyfull and best places to visit in maldives

Male ,Maafushi, Meeru island ,Male atoll ,Ary atoll ,Vilamendhoo ,Kuramthi ,Nalagraidhoo , Rasdhoo ,Rangali ,South male atoll, Vadhoo beach ,Reethi beach ,Hulhule island ,Mirihi, Kuredu , Kanifushi ,Ukulhas ,Huraa, Fihalholi , Maafushivaru ,Machchafushi ,Olhuveli ,Halaveli ,Hamillafushi & more places you can visit in maldives ..

What are the best maldives resort ?

maldives resort
maldives resort photos by hikertrip team

If you are looking for luxury maldives resort to stay and injoy then we have provide the list in every bugut below just check now

Resorts Starting at

  1. Constance Moofushi 70,000 INR
  2. Anantara kihavah villas 1,11,000 INR
  3. Coco bodu hithi 35,787 INR
  4. Adaraan prestige vaadu 39,900 INR
  5. Ozen by atmostphere at maadhoo 66,000 INR
  6. Anantara veli maldives resort 45,000 INR
  7. Mirihi island resort 29,700 INR
  8. Kandima maldives 13,785 INR
  9. Hurawalhi island resort 29,111 INR
  10. The sun syam irufushi 25,900 INR

Top 5 Hotels to book in Male maldives by

things to do in maldives

Now let see what are the best things to do in maldives ? so lots of great things that you can do in “maldives“but we ,ll cover the best and popular things to do in maldives trip .

01 Diving

diving in maldives
go diving in maldives for more fun & injoy

The maldives is one of the best place to do this to make your own extra happiness level up on earth ,there are many diving center for affordable diving expriance and let your self explore more good things under water and see the earth beauty .so try a discovery scuba diving in maldives for more fun.

02 Snorkeling

things to do in maldives
Snorkeling the best things to do in maldives

if scuba diving isn,t your choice then i must suggest to do this and this also a best option for you ,

And beleive me snorkeling ,ll make your self more expreanced as you have visited lot more destination in the world ,and as you know maldives is one best places to do this thing ,so in my opinion try this to make your self happy….

03 Dolphin spotting

Do you have done this thing anywhere ? no then ofcours you have to do here ,

things to do in maldives
go watching dolphins in maldives

And what can we say about Dolphin spotting and it,s fun and as we have done this in local place in indian state kerala so can say that this thing is very good to do and injoy ,

04 Visiting local island and villages

things to do in maldives
visiting local island in maldives is great

Visiting local villages in dweep what about that if you are going to anywhere in the earth as you love traveling then i ,ll suggest you to visit the place it self and it,s local villages and calture .

And the maldives has some of good island and local places to visit it,s caltural thing , The Maldives follow Muslim culture so make sure to dress respectably with long dresses . it,s is a notice for you if you are going to visit maldives muslim calture ,any way you can visit without this also but if you follow this thing then this great .and your respect for a community and calture.

05 surfing

things to do in maldives
go surfing if you can

What about surfing in maldives dobeachs .can you do that ,if you can,t then i suggest to watch someone doing surfing in beach at morning time ,

and I personly can,t do that my self but love to watch someone during in beachs is this thing a skill that we haven,t what do thing leave a comment on the footer ,but if you can do this your self then great ,do that for more fun in beachs and injoy ,,

06 Sunset romantic dinner

sunset dinner is amazing to do

the maldives is also fomus for couple/honymoon traveling then what about a dinner with your partner or family ,If you ask me about this thing then my answer is ,i love to do this kind of things and this is also The best things to do in maldives

Also you can do this with your family if you are in a family trip to give them more happiness so Book a romantic dinner definitly .

So these are the best “things to do in maldive“s and also you can do some other things that you like to do like ,chill out/sweming in beachs /and more but it a short list form my side that i have mentioned in my articale .READ ALSO ABOUT Darjeeling india hill station

Packages details And where to book ?

Now we have done the all details about visiting and all but we now we ,ll discous about tour packages and coast for maldives tour package So the all details related your booking in below

Days starting flight

  • 3D 4N Packages 30,000 Inr yes
  • 4D 5N packages 45,900 Inr yes
  • 7N 8D packages 87,879 inr yes
  • 8N 9D packages 1,14,999 inr yes
  • 6N 7D packages 91,000 inr yes
  • 5N 6D packages 70,999 inr yes

We have shared with you details and starting prices but as you book with diffrend hotels resort then you have pay much higher or less it depends on your selection the hotels and resort .

But these are also include hotels and resort and flight and activetis other ways you can go with without packages after booking handpicked resort or hotels .

Can i visit maldives without maldives tour packages ?

Yes you can but you have to book your hotels or resort first and flight tickets as well you do in your normal travel shedul ,

so go visiting maldives this way and this is another option if you are not able make booking for any reson ,but my recomenditon for you ,book the packages first …and for hotels we have provide list of hotels in male the capital of maldives on head of this post check that .

Where to book maldives packages ?

If you are from INDIA then my recomendition is Make my trip also you can go with your own choice like goibibo/or others and make is best by it,s service in india

If you aren,t then great option for you is and also you can book on your trested travel brand ,if service provider avalable in your own country then go with it ,but is also most popular travel service provider .


So we have tried to cover all details about maldives and maldives resort and hotels and maldives tour packages and more and we hope you guy liked it if you like this post then share with your frainds ,

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